Fruits of Palestine Tote Bag



•15"W x 16"H  21" Handles

•Every purchase is a donation to HEAL Palestine

•Organic Cotton

•Tote bag


•Reusable and Environmentally friendly

A tote bag that displaces different fruit grow in Palestine. The bag can be used while shopping or everyday use. The fruits are olives, watermelon, oranges, cactus fruit, pomegranate, grapes, strawberries, and dates.
Agriculture is cultivated in every aspect in Palestine. Fruit is just one that has stuck with me. From strawberries in Gaza, Yaffa oranges, Jericho dates and the grape vines of my ballad (village). I will never forget the sweetness of Palestine’s fruit. Truly it’s the best in the world. The indigenous people of Palestine took care of their land and created a culture of giving and hospitality with fruit. Even the watermelon that isn’t ripe is used for salads making sure to not waste its riches. I pray that Palestinians will be free and the fruits of victory will be tasted and joy will spread through out Palestine like dispersed seeds.