Hello! My names Manar and I’m the owner and operator of One Pulse Collective! I’m a Palestinian women that believes we can all live better in unity. 

A little about me..

When I was growing up, being Arab wasn’t looked at positively. Myself and many others would try to hide our identity because of US media’s portrayal of Arabs. I wanted that to change for myself and many others. I needed to shed a positive light on Arabs by creating a safe space for young adults that felt the same way.

I started off by making clothing that provided a way to show off your love for your country. As time went on I realized I didn’t want to just focus on each persons country but our ability to come together and make a change. 

So, Middle Eastern Pulse became One Pulse Collective. A fresh new look on creating items that unify us and that start important conversations. I still wanted to include Arab-inspired designs because I want Arabs to love who they are and be unapologetically themselves.

Along the way I curated events that I longed for when I was young. A space where we can show our roots and gather together as a community for the love of art. I started Fen. Fen means art in Arabic and that basically what it was all about. My first event sparked a new wave of creatives to follow their passion and start their own events. Which was exactly what I wanted

I didn’t just want to make clothes and curate events. I also wanted a way to give back to my community and my home overseas. Thats why every purchase is a guaranteed donation to humanitarian causes in colored communities and the SWANA region. 

This includes but not limited to planting trees, feeding the hungry, providing clean water, helping refugees, and struggling families.

You can also check out our donations page to see who I’ve  donated to and how much money has been spent along the way. At One Pulse I’m dedicated to provide:  

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Transparency 


    Each collection is provided to represent revolution, equality, and unity.