Palestinian Right of Return


These embroidered designs represent Palestinian resistance, patience, and right of return. From left to right-

An image of an old house key kept by uprooted Palestinians for when they return home.

A watermelon symbol created by artist Khaled Khourani to represent Palestine’s flag that was forbidden by “Israeli” occupation.

The Handala created by Naji Al-Ali a Palestinian who was uprooted from his home when he was 10 years old and remains to be that 10 year old until Palestine is free.

A Cactus native to Palestine “sabr” that represents the patience Palestinians have to instill in them to bear the fruit of victory.

And last but certainly not least a spoon that represents six Palestinian hostages that freed themselves by digging a tunnel with spoons who were held captive in “Israeli” prison.

  • Product Type: Embroidered Hoodie
  • Material: Cotton
  • See-Through: No
  • Color: Bone White
  • Design: Right of Return 
  • Sleeves: Full
  • Collar: Hood