Activism through fashion

Activism through fashion

     We all have that favorite shirt that looks amazing on us, but have you ever thought of your clothes being more than just a look? Pieces from One Pulse Collective are made with intentional messages of unity, love, and justice. Spreading awareness through clothing about social, economic, and environmental causes. With a focus on South West Asia and North African countries. After all what we wear already conveys a message of who we are. Take a look at our latest humanitarian collections.

Women of Revolution

This design was inspired by women advocating for change in their countries. It features different Arab women that have shown courage in protesting against corrupt governments and tyrants. The women pictured are Tawakkol Karman from Yemen, Ahed Tamimi from Palestine, Alaa Salah from Sudan, Malak Alawiye from Lebanon, and Raghda Hassan from Syria. 

Free Palestine 

Keffiyeh Eyes was inspired by ahed tamimi and had resist defend conquer written on the sleeve. Ahed is a Palestinian activist from the village of Nabi Salih in the occupied West Bank in the Palestine. She is best known for appearances in images and videos in which she confronts Israeli soldiers. In 2017 she was detained in an Israeli prison for slapping a soldier. Tamimi is considered a brave freedom fighter for Palestine. I loved her courage and reistance which what brought to life the design of Keffiyeh eyes. Keffiyeh is also a symbol of resistance in Palestine. 

Advocating Mental Health

     This collection focused on the importance of mental health and how its sometimes a taboo in arab culture. The Kill Your Demons tie dye symbolizes the dark thoughts people have and to rid yourself of your negative mindset. The second long sleeve focuses on depression and suicide. The Quote reads in Arabic and English “I tell myself a moon will rise in my darkness. This symbolizes looking at the light at the end of a tunnel and being hopeful that our circumstances will get better. We ended up donating 10% of these proceeds to a nonprofit mental health organization in Lebanon, IDRAAC which focuses on providing mental health services to those in need and can’t necessarily afford it. 

Our items aren’t just statement pieces but also a means to donate. Every item purchased is a donation to either medical relief, positive environmental change, food, or mental health resources for those in need. Donating to countries in the SWANA region such as Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon Iraq and much more.
August 10, 2019 — Manar Noubani